See The Easiest Way To Lose All Your Wealth

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By Adam Fayed

  1. Living beyond your means
  • No matter how much you have got, if you start spending like there is no tomorrow, you can get broke

2. Taking too much risk (or being too cautious)

  • Investments based on speculation are a bad sign
  • As is high risk business deals
  • But just putting money in the bank isn’t a good idea, because you are petrified by the chance of volatility and declines

3. Marrying the wrong person

  • Some people who are great with general spending habits, end up with divorce lawyers bills!
  • I have seen several wealthy expats in Asia lose almost everything due to this issue. People have been known to quote, `give my money to my wife as it is a cultural norm here`, and then ended up with nothing after divorce.

Source: Quora

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