See The Top Rules Of Life

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By Christian Beta

  1. If she’s married, she’s off limits.
  2. Health over money all the time.
  3. Don’t regret anything. It made sense then and that’s all that matters.
  4. Never take or send dick pics, if you want to see it, come over.
  5. Always walk away from trouble if you can my friend.
  6. Stay away from attention seekers. These people are usually oblivious of what they say or do to get attention and will embarrass you thoroughly.
  7. Am not a bloody genius, so i always ask for help when i know i need it.
  8. Before i forget, i never leave a handshake hanging no matter the history we got.

Lastly, while we as humans are selfish naturally, don’t walk through life with your eyes rolled in, try look outside yourself,see the people around you,they need your help,they need a shoulder sometimes so give it to them. Depression and suicide can be stopped way before they happen if you can see it coming in the first place. With that said. Life doesn’t come with a user manual but try the ten commandments, love more and everything will be OK. 


Whatapp News