Ruga Settlement Suspension? Don’t Be Deceived, By Charles Ogbu

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President Muhammadu Buhari just suspended the atrocious Ruga Settlement Plan. 
Don’t be deceived! 
Buhari is an expert in subterfuge known in Islam as Taqyya which means deception in simple English. 
The idea is simple: act like you are a listening leader by announcing the suspension of the project (meanwhile contractors have been fully mobilised to site and funding stream assured). Then, while we sleep and snore believing the project is suspended, we will wake up to see the iniquitous plan already nearing completion. 
If you value your life, remain vigilant. Monitor your environment. Watch your governors and local government chairmen closely. If you see any strange activities anywhere around you in form of ‘one-kain yeye’ construction, raise your voice. 
To trust President Buhari or any of his handlers is the worst mistake anyone can make at this perilous time. 
For a President who hasn’t built a single school, hospital, road network, vet clinic, market or manufacturing entity all through his four years in office to suddenly choose to build all of these in designated places all over the country with public fund IN ADVANCEMENT OF THE PRIVATE BUSINESS OF THE SAME TERRORIST HERDSMEN HE TOLD US WERE FOREIGNERS FROM LIBYA, proves that even a snake is deserving of more trust than such a President.
For emphasis, let me repeat, DO NOT BELIEVE THAT RUGA IS OFF THE TABLE BECAUSE IT IS NOT. Suspension is an English word which means, to adjourn, postpone or pause something. Temporary, not permanently.  
If you’ve planned a protest match to warn your governor or local governmentchairman against accepting the devilish plan, it is in your best interest to go ahead with your planned protest and continue rejecting the evil programme until IT IS FINALLY TAKEN OFF THE TABLE. 
Knowing the determination of these guys with their ethno-religious agenda which I believe is the number one reason this man spent 12 solid years contesting for this seat, it is reasonable to suspect they only announced the suspension to buy themselves enough time to work on our governors who they will first entice with irresistible offers which we all know some of them will accept and for those who refuse to  yield, they threaten with EFCC and their after-tenure Senate dream.
Remain vigilant and ignore the suspension announcement. It is a scam!  

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