Abba Kyari: Nigeria’s De Facto President and the Ruga Controversy, By Farooq Kperogi

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President Abba Kyari!

Abba Kyari is Nigeria’s de facto president. I’ve said this before many times in my columns and social media posts before the last election. He isn’t even hiding it anymore. See this memo that’s going viral on social media. Although the office of the Chief of Staff to the President isn’t mentioned in the constitution, Kyari signed one of the most important memos on the most pressing issue in the nation.

Notice that he didn’t write, “The president has directed me to…”; he simply said, “The president has directed…” Well, he IS the president, the de facto president. Buhari is barely aware he exists and hardly knows what’s going on in the nation.

I laughed at people, particularly the headless imbeciles who worship Bola Tinubu, who expected Kyari to not be reappointed as CoS to the President. Why would he not reappoint himself? He is Mamman Daura’s boy and acts on his behalf. Daura is Buhari’s nephew and benefactor who micro-manages him, but he’s now in his 80s and infirm, so Kyari acts for him. You had been warned, so this isn’t any surprise.

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