Senator Abbo: A Compulsive Violent Bully Triggered by Intolerant Tinubu, By Farooq Kperogi

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Senator Abbo is obviously a compulsively violent bully, but his infantilization by Remi Tinubu is intolerably insulting and unacceptable. Remi Tinubu was 51 years old when she first became a senator in 2011, 10 short years older than Abbo. Did anyone denigrate her on account of her age? Did her age activate any untoward behavior then? And when did 41 years of age become “young”?

Even before the NotTooYoungToRun legislation, the minimum age required to be president was 40 years. In this Republic, Nigerians became senators, even senate presidents, in their 30s. You would think she was talking to and about a teenager!

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Whatapp News


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