2021 TI report laying foundation for 2023 campaigns —PGF DG

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The Director- of the Progressives ’ Forum, Dr Salihu Lukman has said the 2021 International perception report about Nigeria was part of the 2023 political campaign.

He said the report which painted a disturbing picture of the state of the anti- should be a thing of concern to all well-meaning Nigerians.

Lukman said this in a titled, “Politicising Anti- Campaign in Nigeria,” made available to newsmen in Abuja on Tuesday.

He said, “If one is to interpret the Nigeria CPI 2020 report, the conclusion is that the current of the leadership of President has lost the fight against corruption.

“For to be able to fight against corruption, based on the ‘perception by Nigerian businesses and country experts’, there has to be a change of . This is the underlying narrative in the CPI report.

“It is basically more of a political campaign for 2023. Nigerians, including local of civil society groups and their international partners, are free to make their political choices and decisions.

But they should be transparent about it. It mustn’t be a case of shadowboxing Nigerian and forcing them to kowtow to political choices fraudulently contrived because Nigerian are committed to the fight against corruption.”