2023 election: Zone president to South East for equity – Archbishop

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The Catholic Archbishop of Lagos. Most Rev. Alfred Adewale-Martins, Friday said that it would be justified to zone the Nigerian presidency the 2023 General election to the Southeast.

Adewale-Martins, a guest at the ongoing 2021 Catholic Women Organisation of Nigeria (CWON) Lagos, said, for the sake of and justice, the president should come from the Igbo-speaking part of the country.

Addressing newsmen at ST. Leo’s Church, Ikeja, Lagos, venue of the event, Adewale-Martins said that other zones of the country have had their fair share of the highest political position, except the southeast zone.

The gospel preacher called for true federal structure as remedy for the unending agitations for self actualisation by various ethnic nationalities that make up the country.

“There is nothing wrong with the federal system of government as stipulated by the founding fathers, but the way it is being practiced the Nigeria polity is the deformity of the society.

“If well practice it well, it is meant to engender healthy competition by the federating units, just as we see it being practice the US where we copied it from and others.

“The disenchantment of the citizens to the state from time to time speaks volume of dysfunctional system of federalism laced with the Nigeria factorn as against the true practice,” he said.

The Archbishop called the nation’s political actors, the political parties, and the civil societies to save the country from unwanted upheavals by ensuring that somebody from the southeast of Igbo extraction becomes the president the next dispensation.

He regretted that many innocent blood have been spilled as a result of the imbalance that negates true federal structure.

He charged the women to galvanize themselves and use their numerical strength to change the narrative and see a woman aspire beyond being presidential candidate of a party to becoming the president of the country.

He added that leadership recruitment processes of the political parties are faulty as they end up propping up persons whose characters do conform with peoples’ aspirations. He called for a change of the process to enable good persons emerge as flag bearers.