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2023: From Lagos to Abuja with love – Why consensus must be the joker…



Yorubas have this rather witty axiom that whoever kills with sword always cringes whenever ordinary razor blade is dangled near his perch.
There has never been any party primary election in Lagos since 2007 that meets minimum standards of democratic contest.
The number one tool is INTIMIDATION while the method is what I call DEMOCRATIC DICTATORSHIP.
That is railroading party faithfuls and leaders to queue behind anyone he anoints.
Bola Tinubu has NEVER allowed anyone who signified intention to run to ever come near realising his or her ambition.
It has always be promotion of unwilling candidates.
It has been like that since Babatunde Fashola emerged in 2007.
The likes of Rahman Owokoniran were edged out in 2007. I doubt if they were even allowed to pick the nomination form.
Ambode was picked from nowhere to come and contest.
Same with Babajide SanwoOlu.
A man who was said to have nearly fainted when he was called and told he would become the next governor.
These are men no one knows in political circles two months before their anointing.
It is shocking that same man who has run Lagos politics like personal fiefdom, and his hypnotised followers, are asking for free and fair contest in Abuja to pick the APC presidential standard bearer.
So it has become a crime to replicate what has been happening in Lagos for 15 years at the federal level?
President Muhammadu Buhari, even the angels in heaven and demons in hell know I do NOT like your Leadership Style and Governance Method.
But from now on, you have my support to HANDPICK APC’S PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE.
Give Tinubu a dose of his own political delicacy at the Federal level.
Let him feel what those he has killed their governorship ambitions in Lagos always feel.
And if he happens to be your anointed candidate, congratulations to him.
Let his political hirelings cry till tomorrow.
But ensure there is no opportunity to share dollars at Eagle Square.
Buhari, let nemesis finish its assignment….

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