2023: “North will never settle for Vice President” – Fulani leader

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Nigeria’s Fulani tribesmen say they will not support a Southern candidate for 2023.

The North cannot trust a Southern President, leader of Jonde Jam Development Association, Alhaji Saidu Maikano, said, Tuesday Jos, the capital of Plateau State.

Only a Northern can be trusted to deliver just, fair and credible leadership, Maikano said a chat with newsmen.

According to him, much of Nigeria’s sociopolitical problems were caused by Southern politicians.

Olusegun Obasanjo scatered the democratic structures put in place by President Shehu Shagari, and Goodluck Jonathan halted developmental programs started by President Musa Yard’Adua,” said the Fulani leader.

To ensure continuity of current Buhari’s policies and programs therefore, the North, Maikano said has resolved to back the South only for Vice President.

In his words, “anyone from any part of Northern Nigeria seeking to be Vice hates the North and is on their own.

“They should relocate and nationalize in the South to earn our support.”

The group’s position is perhaps a direct disaproval of Central Nigeria’s Plateau State Governor, Simon Lalong in his rumoured bid to deputize the ruling All Progressives Congress’ national leader, Ahmed in the 2023 race.

“How can a Governor that cannot meet the welfare and infrastructural needs of his State meet those of 200 million Nigerians?

“Lalong as his predecessors has neglected the Fulani and many other tribes,” the Jonde Jam leader said.

Source: Masara Kim