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2023: Peter Obi project a national movement directed by Almighty God – Ezeife


… Says PDP and APC primaries mark the climax and end of bullion van politics in Nigeria

By Chibuike Nwabuko

Abuja (Sundiata Post) – Former Governor of Anambra State, Chief Chukwuemeka Ezeife has said that the “Peter Obi Movement” is a national movement directed by the Almighty God Himself.

According to Ezeife, “it appears God has taken over the problems of Nigeria and nobody can now say he/she is seeing it as an Igbo project, no, but it’s a national movement.

The former Anambra governor who stated this while addressing members of Youth Expresses Support for Peter Obi Support Group (YES-Peter Obi) led by Mr. Ikenna Mbanefo who paid him a consultation visit in his Asokoro residence, said that the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and All Progressives Congress (APC) primaries marked the climax and end of bullion van politics in Nigeria.

In the words of the elder statesman, “Yes, I saw the PDP primary and especially the APC primary and after that I said it is the end of bullion van politics, a climax and the end of the bullion van politics in Nigeria. The period that the exchange rate of naira black market for the dollar changed. So I think the people have keyed into the right thing and the steps you are taking are the right steps.”

“Please do your best, try to get all the youths – if anyone is not yet there, let them join. I don’t know how this money issue can buy this one. I want you to spread the message, spread this message that voters, delegates should collect money from anybody who brings the money. Take the money from candidate A, candidate B and Candidate C, let them bring the money taken from your common pot, and political money, if it gets into your pocket it expires like drugs.”

“Moreover, if anybody gives you money and says that you should swear that you will vote for me, swear, some people swear by jumping across a coffin, don’t be afraid of it, the only thing you will do is that at the point of voting, vote according to your conscience and then you are a free man. So let them bring out that money they stole in bullion van.”

Ezeife who expressed excitement by way youths have risen to reclaim their country, said he is poised to write a letter to fellow Nigerians to be titled: Welcome New Nigeria”.

He said the new Nigeria is the type where in which the Fulani will be very happy and there will be peace. He said that right now Fulani are hated by every group and if there is war everyone will fight with that feeling. But after two (2) years of Peter Obi in office, fulanis will become happy and accept to be equal with any other group and not to puff authoritatively.

With Peter Obi’s Nigeria, after two years in office, there will be no talakawas. God did not give anybody the destiny for poverty but in the north where we are now, there are some people who proud to go begging. Adding that someone told him two days ago that if you go to a big Emir and you are leaving, and that you will see troops begging.

Also after two years of Peter Obi’s government, the foundation of education of almajiris will be laid. Our brother Goodluck Jonathan started the schools, but I am told that they are now abandoned. But we cannot have a system where some people will not go to school. We want everyman to be able to feed his family. You will see Hausa will say thank God Fulani is no longer taking us as slaves and Yorubas will say Oodua should be suspended for now.

No group in Nigeria will happily work out a Nigerian system that has evolveand have more respect, more dignity for all blacks.

With Peter Obi’s government, Nigeria will take it’s rightful place amongst these superpowers of the world and they will respect the blacks. God did not create the black man inferior to the white man. When you find Africans in Oxford, Cambridge or any of these super-schools, you go there and find blacks beating whites. So let’s pray, all powers belong to God and onye kwe chi ya ekwe – when you say yes, your God says yes, Ezeife added.

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