2023 presidency: APC group intensifies push for Jonathan

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Some All Progressives Congress (APC) chieftains from Bayelsa State have begun moves to draft President Goodluck Jonathan into the 2023 presidential race, it learnt on Sunday.

The APC chieftains, according to sources, were encouraged to kick the ‘Jonathan for President’ project by four from the North.

It gathered that 10 politicians from Bayelsa, the state of the President, had been given the mandate to begin a media .

The group led by a chieftain of the APC from Bayelsa and Jonathan’s ally, said to have met on two occasions to discuss the modalities for the .

The source said the wanted the South-South to start the , promising to a play a supportive role in convincing the APC to give its ticket to the President.

The strategy is to first begin a campaign for the South-South to complete its tenure in 2023.

He said: “Ten known politicians mainly from Bayelsa State have come together as a group. Their job is to start a media campaign on the need for the South-South to complete its tenure.

“They beleive that since every other zone that produced ruled the country for eight years, the South-South should be allowed to complete its tenure.

“The four backing the return of Jonathan in 2023 wanted the South-South to start the campaign first while they play a supportive role in midwifing the process. They want the argument to originate from their zone of interest”.

The source said already, the 10- group had held a meeting with Jonathan and would soon meet with the involved in the project.

“The plan of these is to allow power return to the north after four years since Jonathan is entitled to only four years. The North believe that their tenure under the late President Musa Yar’Adua was cut short and they need to quickly return to power after 2023″, he added.

The source said notable figures in the Bayelsa State had agreed to support the move adding that they are also ready to defect to the APC.

“If the plan goes well, Jonathan will defect to the APC and significant of politicians in PDP across the South-South including Bayelsa will join him”, he said.

A kinsman of Jonathan and public analyst, Wisdom Ikuli, had earlier said there was nothing wrong in the move to bring Jonathan back to Aso Villa.

He said: “If we we are fighting for equity and we beleive in justice and fairness, then, the people of South-South should be given the remaining term because they have done term. When they complete that term, it will now rotate to another geo-political zone”.

But another source said that if some APCgovernors continue to push for Jonathan, it would lead to the disintegration of the ruling party.

Though Jonathan has not publicly declared his intention to run in 2023, he has also not denied having a presidential ambition. (The Nation)