2023 Presidency: Doyin Okupe Apologises To Igbo For Saying North Must Forgive Them For Killing Ahmadu Bello

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A aide ex-president Goodluck Jonathan, Mr. Doyin Okupe, has apologised for his comment on the and Igbo presidency.

Calls for a president of Igbo extraction has continued generate heated controversies as the country’s next general move closer.

But a Twitter post on , Okupe said an Igbo president cannot emerge except there’s a consensus.

He had also claimed the South-East will produce a president until forgiven by the North for the killing of Ahmadu Bello 1966.

“A consensus for Igbo presidency cannot evolve until the core North forgives the for the killing of Sardauna of Sokoto by soldiers of Igbo extraction the 1966 coup.

“If this consensus emerges, in the interest of equity, fairness & , will shelve my ambition & support whoever is chosen as a candidate by my party. However, if this national consensus is achievable, WILL RUN FOR PRESIDENT IN by God’s Grace.”

His comment has generated a backlash with many people accusing him of trying smear the Igbo presidency campaign due his presidential ambition.

In a follow-up post, however, Okupe expressed regret over his initial comment.

He wrote: “OPEN TO THE . tender my unreserved to the & other who felt offended by my post on the Igbo presidency and the North. never intended to hurt or demean the Igbos. Instead, wanted to help actualise the dream. regret the said post & I am truly sorry.”