24-year-old Held By German Authorities For Planning Terrorist Attack

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Frankfurt –  German authorities have remand in custody one suspect after three men were detained in the Western city of Offenbach on suspicion of planning terrorist attack, Frankfurt prosecutors said on Wednesday.

The 24-year-old man was thought likely to attempt to flee, spokeswoman Nadja Niesen said.

The two men detained alongside  with him were on  Tuesday  released.

All three are suspected of being supporters of Islamic State and of planning an attack on religious grounds with the aim of causing death.

The man being held, a German of Macedonian origin is said to have acquired chemicals and other equipment to make an explosive device and also to have tried to acquire a firearm over the internet.

He has come to the attention of the authorities for past criminal activity and as an Islamist.

The man appeared in court flanked by armed police officers whose faces were covered.

The men came to the attention of the authorities at the end of October .

Some 170 officials were involved in a search of three homes in Offenbach on Tuesday.

The other two suspects are aged 21, 22 and of Turkish origin.

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