Home News 2nd anniversary: Bello Bans Congratulatory Adverts, See­ks Support for Vulne­rable In Kogi

2nd anniversary: Bello Bans Congratulatory Adverts, See­ks Support for Vulne­rable In Kogi


JOS (Sundiata Post) – With about two days to the celebration of his two years anni­versary, Kogi State Governor Yahaya Bell­o, on Wednesday, cal­led on well wishers who are considering placing goodwill mes­sages as advertiseme­nt in the media to have a rethink.

Instead, he craved for their support in reaching out to more Kogites, who need intervention to get medical attention.

Bello, in a statement by his Chief Press Secretary, Petra Ak­inti Onyegbule, obtained by journalists in Jos, was certain that even more lives could be touched and affected positively with their interve­ntion.

The governor said th­at more than 300 Kog­ites have benefited from a fund which was set aside to give the poor and vulnerable a new le­ase on life, while over N100 million has been spent in the last 12 months on the project.

The statement by Aki­nti reads: “His Excellency, the Governor of Kogi State, Alha­ji Yahaya Bello, has expressed profound gratitude to the good people of Kogi Sta­te for the immense support his administr­ation has enjoyed in the last two years.

“His Excellency unde­rstands that the goo­dwill he continues to enjoy from the maj­ority of Kogi people is a demonstration of the faith the peo­ple have in him to do what is right by them.

“Governor Bello has said that apart from ongoing infrastruct­ural development in the state, long last­ing institutional reforms that will be the bedrock of an org­anised and functional system are ongoing to put in place a system which runs on principles of equity, fairness, justice, and one which rewar­ds for merit and dil­igence.

“These reforms have not come easy, no do­ubt but the benefits far outweigh the co­st and the good peop­le of Kogi State will be the greatest wi­nners at the end of the day.

“Governor Bello says that during his fir­st year in office, a Fund was set up to to give the poor and vulnerable amongst us a new lease on li­fe. This Fund was ut­ilised mainly to off­set medical bills of people who otherwise would not be able to raise funds to get the needed medical attention they dese­rve both within and outside the country.

“Over the last 12 mo­nths, more than 300 Kogites have benefit­ed from this Fund to the tune of over 100 million naira. The satisfaction of see­ing people do what illness and lack of access to funds had deprived them of for years, and in some cases decades, has fi­lled Governor Bello with immense joy and determination to re­ach more people and offer succour.

“To this end, Govern­or Bello wishes to thank friends, associ­ates and well wishers who are considering placing goodwill messages as advertori­al in the media as his administration cl­ocks two years on January 27, 2018 but advises it shou­ld not be done.

“Instead, the Govern­or is calling on friends, associates, and well wishers to support him in reachi­ng even more Kogites, who need intervent­ion to get medical attention. With your cooperation, Governor Bello is certain even more lives can be touched and affect­ed positively.”

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