3 of 12 stranded whales died in east China’s Zhejiang

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A total of 12 whales were found stranded in coastal waters off east China’s Zhejiang Province on Tuesday morning, with three dead, local authorities had said.

Local police said they received a report at approximately 8 a.m Tuesday whales were discovered on a beach in Linhai City, Zhejiang.

The local public security department and fishery department, as well as locals in the fishing industry, rushed to the site to the rescue.

The heat, the weight of the whales, and location far from the coast have complicated rescue efforts, which were underway.

Rescuers had dug holes for the whales and were pouring over them.

They were also using wet towels to keep the mammals damp, and had erected sheds to protect them from the sun, said Zhu Yupeng from the law enforcement of the city’s marine and fishery bureau.

Approximately 150 individuals had participated in the rescue.