321 British Airways passenger stranded in Abuja

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About 321 of the British Airways are presently stranded Abuja.

Most of them slept on bare floor overnight at the lounge of Sheraton Hotel.

The airline could only secure accommodation for 150 of the passengers.

But the is tired of the and opted to evict them.

According to of the passengers, their BA flight from London could not land in Lagos because of landing facility problem by 5pm on Wednesday.

The flight was later diverted to Abuja where the were evacuated to Sheraton Hotel.

The passenger, who preferred reference to her first name( Joke), said: “We were 321 but the could accommodate only 150 because we were brought in without notice.

“The majority ended up spending the night on barefloor at the lounge of the hotel.

“The saddest aspect is we could not make alternative arrangement because BA management collected passports and we had no access to our luggage.

“We are begging the government to intervene because most of the are Nigerians. We want BA to treat us with courtesy.”

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