4.6m People in Germany Would Have Liked To Work More in 2018

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Frankfurt – Around 4.6 million people in would have liked to work more last year than they did, according to new data released on Friday by the Federal Statistical Office.

This group aged between 15 and 74 was made up of 1.5 million unemployed people, nearly 2.2 million underemployed people and 925,000 people in the so-called “hidden labour force.”
This includes people, who want to work in principle, but are not available in the short term or are not currently seeking a job.

The overall unused labour supply was down 9.3 per cent or 471,000 people in 2018, compared to the year before, the statistical office said.
The good economic situation led more people to be hired and work contracts to be extended.
Around 2.2 million employed people would have liked to take on additional work last year – around every 20th person in this group.

They included part-time workers and “mini-jobbers,” who generally work part-time and for low wages. Many are women.
At the other end of the spectrum were 1.4 million employed people, who would have liked to work less, even with a corresponding salary decrease. These were mostly professionals working full-time.
The number of these self-declared “overemployed” people has changed little.