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4 Cool Reasons Why You Should Wear Black More (Photos)


Black has dominated the months of 2019 so far and there is no doubt we will be seeing more of it in 2020.

Black is not a trend and definitely not a ‘colour of the year’ because it is the lack-of-colour of every year.

No matter your style preferences, something we can all agree upon is the unwavering relevance of the colour black. It’s classic, simple, and can be totally versatile.

why you should wear black

Ini Edo rocks black

Here are reasons you should wear black more.


Ever since Vogue called a little black Chanel dress “The Ford” of a woman’s wardrobe in 1926, black has been regaled as the definition of classic, the epitome of timeless and the rare aesthetic option immune to the voracious appetite of trend cycles, which have grown increasingly hungry in the digital age.

why you should wear black

Sey Shay in black


Whether it’s your black blazer, ankle boots or pencil skirt, you are on the stylish side when it comes to wearing black head-to-toe.


Less is more and what better way to take off from your outfit by embracing simplicity in black?

why you should wear black

Davido wears black


We have stated earlier that black is not a trend because with black, you are ahead of the trend as you can hardly go wrong in black.


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