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4 Ways Our Mobile Devices Are Good for Us


Meta – What is one thing you can’t seem to live without? Many of us will agree that it’s our phones. Click here to find out how our mobile devices are good for us. 

If you are lucky enough to have a mobile device, you’ll understand when people say you have the whole world at your fingertips. Long gone are the days when the only thing phones were good for were calling and texting. Now, it doesn’t take five minutes to send one text or access old, boring games. With the development of the internet and smartphones, individuals can use their devices for anything they want.  

While there is still a huge divide of exclusion between those who have and don’t have access to mobile phones and access to the internet, it is becoming so common for people to use their phones for almost everything. If you’re interested in finding out more, continue reading to find out four ways our mobile devices are good for us. 

Keeps us connected

An incredible feature of our mobile devices is that they provide a great platform for us to stay connected with almost everyone across the globe. With the advancement of technology and thus new websites and communications, individuals can stay in contact. This is especially useful for families who stay far apart and for those in long-distance relationships, for example. Having a mobile phone is therefore very important in modern society. The internet and a great reception can allow us to video chat with someone on the other side of the world. With that being said, some people are beginning to forget how lucky they are to have access to this. 

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Keeps us entertained

Mobile phones do wonders in keeping us entertained. We can download thousands of games from the Android and iOS app stores, watch videos and do mindless tasks to keep ourselves busy for hours. Mobile devices even provide a platform for individuals to gamble and check out the football odds week to week. Moreover, online platforms such as Netflix and YouTube let us watch our favourite TV shows, movies and vlogs all from the comfort of a handheld device. 

Different forms of social media like Twitter and Instagram help us scroll mindlessly while engaging with others. The increasing use of social media has also meant that more people are falling into the influencer and consumer culture – where people buy items that are promoted by someone they follow. 

Serves as an educational tool

As well as helping us stay connected, mobile devices act as an excellent platform for education. Everyone will have used their mobile device as an educational tool at some point in their lives, even if they are not aware of it. Social media sites such as Facebook, for example, can provide us with news stories and advertisements. These social media sites have even been found to influence us in terms of voting and consumer behaviour. 

Those who own mobile devices also use the internet to search for answers to questions every day. This is particularly useful for the most minor questions, and even more important questions regarding medical concerns, for example. Mobile devices certainly serve as a great educational tool. 

Provides security

Mobile devices also provide security measures in different ways for each user. For instance, individuals have full access to contacting the emergency services if required and also allows them to stay connected with family and friends when in danger. Most smartphones also have an embedded feature whereby they can have their medical information fully accessible for the emergency services and can also set a speed dial for a contact of their choice. People are also able to connect their card details to their mobile, which allows them to make secure payments via their devices

Overall, mobile devices certainly help us day-to-day making them good for us in different ways. 

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