5 inmates, 2 officials injured in Bauchi Correctional Service riot

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There was panic in Bauchi Sate as a riot broke out at the Bauchi Correctional Service, injuring five in mates and officials.

When our correspondent visited the aarea, security was beefed up as vehicular and traffic movement around the area were restricted as the roads leading the Centre were barricaded by security personnel at the time of filing this report.

Although the details of the attempted riot was sketchy at the time of sending this report, our correspondent gathered a reliable source that authorities of the Centre were proactive in quelling it forestall a repeat of the recent break Imo State, the biggest in the history of Nigeria where 1800 inmates escaped.

It was learnt that a riot had broken in the Centre in the afternoon.

The spokesman of the NCS in the state, Abubakar Adam, confirmed the incident re media.

A am said the State Police Command however sent a reinforcement to a jailbreak in Bauchi metropolis, the state capital.

The spokesman debunked rumours that sporadic gunshots were heard, noting that the inmates instigated the violence as a means escape following Monday’s jailbreak in Imo State.

“There was a riot, not sporadic gunshot traced by inmates. It was the inmates that instigated the riots, maybe wanting break the prison and get out,” he said.

“It was as a result of what happened in Imo State where some gunmen broke the prison and got away with some inmates there. We have some conspires from the south and they are serving their sentences here.

“Hearing what happened down south, they wanted to experience the same thing here in Bauchi. We thank God the issue has been quenched.”

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