5G Network Can Create Over 3m Jobs – Expert

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Dr Richard Okoye, an in medical science, and the President of Save-a-Life Foundation, has said that ‘5G’ network is not responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic which is currently ravaging the world.

He also said that the Fifth Generation mobile network, popularly known as the ‘5G’ network, is capable of generating over three million jobs in Nigeria, if allowed to operate successfully.

Okoye, currently a researcher in artificial intelligence science, disclosed this while fielding questions from newsmen in Port Harcourt at the weekend.

He explained that the network did not have such harmful effect on human life, as wrongly speculated.

“Just like other generations of mobile network which we are using in Nigeria here, like the 2G, 3G, and 4G mobile phones, the is just an improvement on others, and they all use electro-magnetic wave, like any other radio or telecommunications waves.

“The benefit of the is that it makes things faster, and a movie of about three hours you will download in about five minutes with 4G, but with 5G that will take about three seconds, “ he said.

Okoye said that countries like North and South Korea had launched the network, stressing that the North Korea that launched it in April 2019 was not witnessing COVID-19 pandemic.

According to him, the network will help in making things done faster, especially in the use of some machines, which he referred to as artificial intelligence, that will enable them carry out cancer operation faster and easier.

He said that the artificial intelligence which he was researching on, would be made available in Nigeria very soon.

The medical expert, however, urged Nigerians not to allow themselves to be deceived by those that always turn pure medical science matters to religious issues, thereby distracting the people on positive steps they are supposed to take.

He also urged the public to always seek for proper information and from the right sources.

Source: Nigeria Communications Week