86 freight trains arrive in Nigeria

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Eighty-six freight have recently arrived in Nigeria, according a released on Friday by the Civil Engineering Construction Corporation Ltd.

The revealed the 86 freight will be used on standard gauge railways in different parts of Nigeria.

“Recently, the first batch of 86 freight arrived in Nigeria. They will be used on standard gauge railways like the -Kaduna Railway, Itakpe-Warri Railway, and -Ibadan Railway.

“This will also be first time undertaking Port-Railway intermodal during the trial of the -Ibadan railway,” the partly read.

According the statement, the 86 freight trains were only transported under six days, rather the estimated 30 days arrive in the country.

“In order carry the Port-Railway intermodal successfully, CCECC Nigeria and its partners made joint efforts complete the of the 86 freight trains in only 6 days, which 24 days shorter the estimated 30 days, significantly reducing the time and ensuring transport safety.”