9 naughty tips for a weekend of orgasmic-S£x

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It’s going to be a long weekend for everyone as we celebrate Worker’s Day (Labour Day).

From 1 you will have all the time in your hands to romp and tumble the bed sheets as much as you like.

A tragedy it would be if you let that long weekend go to waste and you don’t get some fun your loved one before comes calling again.

Workaholics now have an to give their lovers the ‘orgasm of a life-time’ that their busy schedules would now allow them to give, from Thursday night Monday morning…

Don’t worry about what to do to spice it up…you know, Wha’anda has it all planned for you.

Here are 5 tips to get your weekend spiced up with hot, steamy sex:

It’s time to let her take charge. For once, leave all the sex decisions to your . have the tendency to focus on their pleasures alone and this hurts the women. So this weekend, let her determine the pace in bed. Tell her you want to do it her way and let her guide you.

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It’s time to talk, really talk. You will be happier if you actually talk with him/her about the sexual thoughts in your head. Do you want a particular sex style, do you want oral, a threesome, a sex toy or just some crazy idea….say it and talk it out and listen to his/her opinion.

It’s time to act sexy and dress sexy. It’s time to bring out the sexy lingerie and the tight, cute boxers. Look clean, smell nice and talk softly. Everything should be about connecting. Let him/her know you feel horny and don’t be shy about it. No time for dirty jeans, tattered wrappers or all that trash.

It’s time to buy him/her that sexy gift and don’t be a cheapo. A gift always opens doors so buys a sexy and fairly expensive gift for him/her. It must not be a sexual item, but something you know will excite your . The kiss/hug that follows will almost certainly lead into the bedroom.

It’s time to clean up the ‘P’ and ‘V’ zones. Since you’ll be having quite some time together, you should clean up your pubic regions…shave or trim, just keep it minty clean and smelling sweet. Odour will not be tolerated, especially if you’re going to be exchanging oral sex (and you should).

It’s about him/her, not you. Give and it will come back to you. This weekend, think about giving him/her a sexual treat, go extra lengths to please your lover, especially focusing on what they say in Tip 2 above. Men are the most selfish when it comes to sex…

It’s a long weekend, so go out. Why not go to the cinemas to rest from the romp? The cinema or some nice restaurant will do. Avenges and Fast and Furious 7 are getting people excited now. Go see it or something more to your mutual taste.  If you have the cash, you could have a 2-day getaway in some quiet hotel and choke each other with orgasms.

It’s time to master your lover’s body. Yes, play with his/her body and know all the spots that get lover turned on the most. You have time, use it to learn and understand his/body — kissing, necking, petting, sweet-talk and even fingering. Play with the genitalia and know the map of his penis or her vagina.

It’s time to play naughty (dare) sex-games. There are a number of sex games you could play to make the weekend complete with sexual and non-sexual fun. You could for example play the Strip-Question game where you ask a question which he or she must answer rightly or remove one clothing item until you are both naked. You can also gamble on something between you too…so many sexual games.

If you try all these, you’ll wake up on Monday walking on the skies like someone who smoked something premium.

So do it and have something to hold on to before the next long weekend comes calling.

Share love, share sex and be happy!

Source: Pulse
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