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She attended Caleb, Vivian Fowler, ended up as cocaine addict


It was a sour good morning on the social media as the uninspiring story of Lizzy, who was an alumnus of Caleb Nursery and Primary school and Vivian Fowler Secondary School ended up as a cocaine addict.

Simply identified as Lizzy, a viral video of the good girl gone bad surface late Tuesday and early Wednesday on how she wraps and puff smoke from. her heroin and then graduated to cocaine

Lizzy explained that it started seven years ago with weed smoking, until her ex-boyfriend told her he had been spicing her wraps up with cocaine to her surprise, but it was too little too late as she got addicted to cocaine and defied any hope from rehabilitation as she feels she’s beyond repair.

Respite came her way when she met Pastor Tony Rapu, an unconventional evangelist.

“I couldn’t visit any rehabilitation because I thought it wouldn’t help. I started with weed smoking, then one day, my boyfriend told me he had been adding cocaine and I was surprised. I asked him why he would do such without my consent, but it wasn’t long before I got addicted to it.

“It became so critical that I had to take to begging at day and prostitution at night. I attended Caleb Nursery and Primary School and Vivian Fowler Secondary School. “I have been hearing of Tony Rapu, but missed seeing him earlier when he came to our community (Ikeja), he came for Bukky then. I have been waiting for this day when I would meet him. I know he is the only one that can help me get over this,” Lizzy said.

Pastor Rapu, while revealing the meeting with Lizzy wrote on his Instagram page: “We picked up Lizzy over the weekend. Here, she tells a bit of her story while awaiting our arrival at the joint she frequented in Ikeja. Lizzy tells about her upbringing, her addiction to crack cocaine and the depraved nightlife she lived to make money to pay the drug dealers.

“She is currently undergoing her first stage of detox and rehabilitation in the long journey out of addiction. We hope and pray she returns to a normal and productive life afterwards.”


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