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A Woman Yearn For More S3x With Her Kidnapper-rapist, Says, ‘I enjoyed Him’


A woman who was abducted and subjected to several rounds of gang rape by hooded gunmen has expressed her wish for an opportunity to have more s*x with one of her kidnappers.

The woman, a staff of the Makurdi office of a Jos, Plateau State-based public utility company (now privatised), is an indigene of Benue State.

She was abducted by gunmen earlier this year in Makurdi, the Benue State capital, on her way home one night and taken to an unknown destination where she was kept and raped several times before her release. Her abductors masked their faces with hoods and so she could not identify them throughout the period of her captivity.

When she regained her freedom, the woman either did not have the courage or was too ashamed to tell anybody the details of her experiences in the hands of her captors. But recently, apparently under the influence of alcohol, during an evening outing with her friends and colleagues in Makurdi, she opened up on her ordeal in the custody of her abductors. She confessed that her abductors took turns to rape her. “It was a very harrowing experience. Each time, they would all come and force me into gruesome rounds of s*x. However, it was not all pain and anguish as there was one of them who gave me the pleasure of my life. I enjoyed it whenever it was his turn.”

Amidst shock, disbelief and laughter, she told her audience: “I wish I could identify him in normal life, for I would want to enjoy him again.”

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