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Abacha, Switzerland, Nigeria and The Irony of Corruption


By Pius Adesanmi

ABUJA (Sundiata Post) After receiving stolen property – USD 321 million belonging to the Nigerian state and people – and keeping it for nearly 2 decades, a criminal European State, Switzerland, is now billing Nigeria all kinds of fees and charges to the tune of $50 million.

It used to be that knowingly receiving stolen property was a crime. The thief and the abetter are both criminals? And the Swiss have made a career of it in collaboration with many of the Orangutans running the state in Africa. They are now returning the Abacha loot to Nigeria and claiming charges instead of paying us a hefty interest. What have they been doing with $321 million since 1996? Wey the interest?
However, can one really blame the Swiss? It is one’s yam that dips one’s finger in palm oil, causing stains. If the Nigerian state wasn’t run by criminals in the first place, there wouldn’t be European criminal partners rubbing salt into one’s wound.
Here am I – apprehensive that USD 320 million will be returned to Abuja. 
It’s a terrible thing to know the fate of the funds even before they leave Swiss vaults. It’s a terrible thing to know that the Nigerian state is in the hands of worse buccaneers than Abacha. The money will make it back to Switzerland in no time.
And it will travel back to Europe in style while the real owners of the money will continue to gift the world such metaphors and imagery as the Sahara, Libya, and the Mediterranean…

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