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Aboh Mbaise State Constituency Seat: Amuchie hails Tribunal verdict, says judgement affirmation of God’s and peoples will

….Thanks Aboh Mbaise People For Their Overwhelming Support Throughout The Litigation Period, Urges His Brother Chief Edward Iheukwumere Obinna To Accept The Verdict As An Act Of God

By Chibuike Nwabuko

Abuja (Sundiata Post) – The candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for Aboh Mbaise State Constituency election, Ezinwa Princewill Ugochukwu Amuchie has hailed yesterday’s Tribunal Verdict which sacked the former House of Assembly member representing Aboh Mbaise State Constituency, Chief Edward Iheukwumere Obinna and declared him the rightful winner of the March 18 State Assembly election.

This is coming as Amuchie has thanked the people of Aboh Mbaise for their overwhelming support throughout the period of litigation and promised to lead a liberation fight towards building a greater Aboh Mbaise as captured in his campaign manifesto.

Sundiata State recalls that the Assembly election petition Tribunal sitting in Nasarawa in it’s ruling yesterday, upturned the earlier declaration of Chief Edward Iheukwumere Obinna as the winner of the election and returned Ezinwa Princewill Ugochukwu Amuchie as the rightful winner.

In the unanimous ruling by the three Judges read by Hon. Justice Karimatu B. Yusuf, they sacked Edward Iheukwumere Obinna of the APC after it was discovered that the 39,000 votes and 13,000 which INEC allocated to APC candidate and PDP were far above the 17,223 accredited voters in Aboh Mbaise. The Tribunal immediately accepted the BIVAS records and all the pink results sheets which Amuchie tendered before the court as evidence.

According to the statement signed by Prince C C Nwogu, the Special Assistant Media, to Hon. Princewill Ugochukwu Amuchie, made available to Sundiata Post, the Court also queried Edward Iheukwumere Obinna for bringing two results sheets before the court which had contradicting figures allocated to him of 8,000 and 39,000 and wondered how one person will admit before the court to having two different figures in one election.

The Court therefore agreed with the prayers of Ezinwa Princewill Ugochukwu Amuchie for it to collate the results from the 12 wards of Aboh Mbaise as the collation process was disrupted by hoodlums midway on the 18th day of March.

After the collation, the results were; APGA – 248, APC -5,224, LP – 1,264 while PDP came first with 7,856 votes.

The court therefore ordered INEC to immediately retrieve the Certificate of Return it earlier issued to Chief Edward Iheukwumere Obinna and issue same to Ezinwa Princewill Ugochukwu Amuchie.

Amuchie described the Tribunal judgement as an affirmation of the will of God and Aboh Mbaise people as expressed at the ballot on the 18th of March, 2023.

He thanked the judiciary for rising up to the occasion to save our democracy by upturning the robbery of March 18 and granting all his reliefs.

Amuchie therefore calls on his brother and friend, the former House of Assembly member for Aboh Mbaise State Constituency, Chief Edward Iheukwumere Obinna to join him to build a greater Aboh Mbaise State Constituency.