Actors Guild tasks FG on using films to promote peace, unity

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Mr Emeka Rollas, President of Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) has urged leverage the reach of Nollywood to peace and unity in the country.
Rollas made the call at the International on Peace and Unity for Nigeria on Saturday in Abuja.
The Summit with the theme: “Promoting Peace within our Borders,” convened by Mr Steve Midalah, of UN Rescue , Mr Bonaventure Chimee, National Coordinator, National Youth Development Project, ALGON Peace Project, Rollas and .
Rollas said there was need to begin to change the narrative about Nigeria from the worst to the better.
“Film producers should produce films would promote peace and unity in the country, not only rituals, love, wedding and what have you, because, without peace we cannot enjoy love and wedding.
“I want to urge the government to films as a better medium to promote peace and unity in the country.
“The influence that Nollywood has around the world can be used by the government and its agencies to promote peace, unity and peaceful co-existence.
“It is also necessary to state that many filmmakers in the country are looking for commercial success, thus, they may not venture into propagating peace and unity. The government can fill the gap,” Rollas said.
The AGN president added that the guild remained a change agent, adding that what they did in films was what viewers imbibed in their day to day living and as such, peace and unity should be preached in films.
Rollas said the advent of social media had further shrank the world as a global village, hence the need for government to use the opportunity to promote the oneness of Nigerians.
“Youths react to what they see on social media. I urge them not to listen to selfish politicians who are after their own personal interests. They tell political lies and post divisive contents on the social media to cause problems.
“We need to douse the tension by telling people the real story via films. We should stop celebrating fantasies and use every aspect of Nigeria to promote Nigeria.
“If there is a negative propaganda about a particular tribe, the government needs to produce a film to tell the true story to enhance peace and unity. It is called ‘Propaganda Management’.
“If a film is produced about peace, unity and coexistence among different religious followers and tribes, it will go a long way to change the negative narrative,” Rollas said.