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Adeniran urges Nigerians to draw closer to God


By Egbogota Clara

Lagos – The District Superintendent, Apostolic Faith, West Africa, Rev. Emmanuel Adeniran, on Tuesday urged Nigerians to return to God, so that the country would overcome its challenges.

Adeniran said this at a news conference to herald the forthcoming 20-day Camp meeting entitled “A Life Without Blemish” at the National Headquarters of the church in Lagos.

The cleric said that there was hope of a brighter future for the nation.

“This church is saying that there is a root to functional development. This great nation is created by God, and when you lose sight of God, you will work against yourself.

“Our country, our individual lives are getting malfunctioned because we neglected God; as long as we do that, we cannot have peace.

“The depth of corruption and indecency we are experiencing in our nation today points in one direction; the need for holiness and God in every sphere of the sociopolitical and economic circle.

“Though religious in outlook, our country still gropes in the dark, due to numerous social ills, pervasive greed, sectional conflicts, acts of impunity, social insecurity, insurgency, widespread poverty and corrupt practices.

“A holy life without blemish, in thoughts, actions, deeds and conversations not only edifies, but builds and develops a safe and secured nation.

“If we are determined to seek His face in prayers and supplications, God is willing and able to turnaround our situation and that of our great country for good,” he said.

The cleric said that government, religious leaders, parents and individuals have responsibilities as stakeholders in the development of the nation.

“Responsible governance cannot be removed from good development; responsible leadership in church, in the society, in community cannot be removed from good governance and development.

“All of us are passing the buck; the press passes the buck to the government, the government passes to the church.

“We should stand up and be responsible to our country; the religious sector is meant to be the ethical conscience of the nation,” he said.

Adeniran urged Nigerians to vote in credible leaders by going to register and collect their Permanent Voter Cards (PVC).

“Vote for someone that has good ethical orientation; do away with tribal sentiments and do not hide under the guise of religion,” he said.



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