Africa Games medallist says maladministration bane of Nigerian sports

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By Modupe Oremule
Lagos –  As Nigerians continue to rue the country’s poor performance at Rio 2016 Olympics in Brazil, Kate Iheagwam-Ahante, a 1995 Africa Games 200m bronze medallist, says maladministration is the bane of Nigerian sports.

Iheagwam-Ahante told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Sunday from her base in the U.S. that coaches who trained the competition-bound athletes should have been made to accompany them.

“Most of the foreign athletes that went to the Olympics were with their personal coaches for moral support and correction. These coaches know their athletes’ strength and weaknesses.

“Most of the coaches who went to the Olympics did not train the athletes; those that should help their athletes in terms of continuous support training and corrections were not taken.

“It is only in Nigeria that hardworking coaches do the work and people who did not deserve to accompany the athletes enjoy,’’ she said.

She also lamented having some of the coaches who trained athletes during her time still running the affairs of athletics in the country.

“People that are running each sport need to be changed and not the same people all the time.

“The sad thing is that some officials that were there during my days are still there.

“Does it mean that we cannot get new ones? Some of them do not want the young ones to take over because with that, they do not have anything to fall back on.

“My advice to current and upcoming athletes is to get formal education so that when all is said and done, they have something to fall back on,’’ she said.

Iheagwam-Ahante also said that for Nigeria to gain its lost glory in athletics, athletes needed to be taken care of financially and morally. (NAN)