African leaders need to support technological development

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AFRICAN LEADERSAs in any developing , there are particular obstacles, which might complicate the introduction of new technology into the market. Major task for foreign entrepreneurs entering African market come up , is convince leaders and of old-fashioned officials, who do not perfectly understand the outcome of applying new technologies.
successful raise awareness of these education tools, the distribution of such devices directly target local students, who would acquire the device via distribution. Clearly, it requires massive government investment and positive attitude of local administration such investment. Unfortunately there is a lack of appreciation of this type of investment among African officials despite its evident importance.[eap_ad_2]
This evidence is showcased by countries such as the US, and South Korea, which became leaders due to massive investments in human capital. Paulin confirms: “Instead of fighting old-fashioned officials that tend to live in the past, we have decided to work the partners that are avant-gardists and truly want population to progress.
“Most African leaders have yet to understand that – if has to take its rightful place into the world - it has to educate and train well its population. And that cannot be achieved using outdated techniques and datas. Countries like China, Singapore and USA have perfectly understood the importance of investing into human capital and MYSIMAX is pushing African leaders to emulate such examples, quickly. This is challenging, but once they realize that we are bringing a solution to bring the best out of students, they give us full .” (VENTURES )[eap_ad_3]