Afriwise launches model consulting services in Africa …to cover legal, tax, transaction, risk and management

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Afriwise Consult has launched a groundbreaking consulting model for Africa, designed to assist clients with advice that is genuinely tailored to situations and local environments in African countries, through collaboration between best African experts.
Founded by two well-known on African scene, Steven De Backer and Olivier Binyingo, new firm aims to offer clients a more holistic consulting approach and access to genuine on--ground expertise in Sub-Saharan Africa, with procedures for quality assurance and a strong underlying ethical culture.
Having worked together for a number of years, both as local and regional counsel on African continent, duo recognized opportunity for a different kind of services firm.
The company is providing one point of contact for private and public organizations that need legal, tax, transaction, risk and management consulting services in Sub-Saharan Africa and teams up with the right professionals to deliver solutions that work.
Africa’s rapid growth has captured the world’s attention, triggering unprecedented business interest and investment. Sub-Saharan Africa is perceived to be one of the world’s greatest opportunities for corporate expansion. At the same all the countries are moving at the same pace and Africa remains a diverse and complex continent, with different countries presenting different challenges and obstacles.
Afriwise consult is dedicated to helping organizations navigate through these increasingly complex legal, regulatory, tax and socio-economic environments in Sub-Saharan Africa. For that purpose it has constituted a core of experienced Sub-Saharan Africa focused consultants with diverse skills and expertise across a broad range of industries. The comprises business , tax advisers, risk advisers and management consultants.
solutions often don’t work in African markets” says Olivier Binyingo. “There is a need for flexibility and creativity when tackling country specific challenges, which calls for an interdisciplinary approach. With Afriwise, we try to break free from silo thinking. Taking into account the different angles to a project or a transaction from the outset, in an integrated way, saves and costs to clients.”[eap_ad_2] 
 In addition to its own core of consultants, Afriwise has a community which brings together top in-country professionals with diverse skills and expertise throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. The careful identification and selection of the right local experts and advisers as of the Afriwise community is really at the core of Afriwise’s value proposition.  The Afriwise community enables the firm to put together tailored teams on each of its clients’ projects and transactions to reflect the required skills and expertise, on-the-ground knowledge and local socio-cultural and language affinity.
 As Steven De Backer explained, the idea behind adopting a collaborative consulting model for Africa was developed by the founders over a long period of : “Africa is a country but a continent, home to 54 very different countries. Clients have come to realize that understanding local customs, sensibilities and having access to on-the-ground expertise in the markets in which they operate is key. Various advisory firms are adopting different models to try to cater for that need – from hub offices in key jurisdictions to alliances and networks with local firms – but we don’t believe these strategies will enable them to always include the right local professionals in clients’ engagements.
These models are too rigorous for African markets; what you want is flexibility and the ability to partner with the right individuals for each assignment. We have been confronted with this throughout our careers and have thought long and hard about the most suitable model to advise clients properly, which lead us eventually to the concept of the Afriwise community.”
 “We plan to be quite disruptive to the consulting model”, added Binyingo. “We are dramatically increasing access to local expertise for clients active in Sub-Saharan Africa, in the most affordable and yet integrated way.”  
The name Afriwise is a play on streetwise. Being ‘afriwise’ means having the experience, skills and knowledge but also the and resourcefulness required for in Africa. Afriwise is also based on core values such as integrity and sustainability. “We strive to deliver projects for our clients which generate value for all stakeholders, adhere to ethical principles and demonstrate innovativeness and creativity. “We encourage everyone with a passion for the African continent to use the #afriwise hastag on media to promote ‘afriwise’ solutions and concepts,” De Backer urged.
Some of the services Afriwise consult offers include legal and tax advisory, risk advisory and management, transaction advisory, corporate governance consulting and specialist advisory services such as strategic advice around market entry, PPP structuring, stakeholder engagement and assistance with putting in place local partnerships and alliances.[eap_ad_3]