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Agriculture Extension Officer urges farmers to embrace organic fertiliser


Ilasa (Ekiti)  –   A former agriculture extension officer, Mr Joseph Adamolekun, on Monday advised farmers in the South West of Nigeria to depend less on inorganic fertiliser to save cost.

Adamolekun told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Ilasa, Ekiti, that the soil fertility and climate condition in the region required little or no fertiliiser because it was suitable for production of variety of crops.

The retired official in the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources in the old Ondo State, said that if at all fertiliser was required for cultivation, farmers in the region should use organic fertilisers.

According to him, apart from being more affordable, orgainic fertiliser is also readily available and will save farmers the challenges associated with delay in accessing inorganic fertiliser.

“The soil fertility and climatic condition in Southern Nigeria is very suitable for the production of wide varieties of crop without the use of fertiliser.

“However, farmers who prefer using fertiliser for high yields are advised to embrace organic fertiliser because it saves cost and it is always available unlike inorganic fertiliser.

“Organic fertiliser decreases the danger of over application of fertilisation because the nutrients are released slowly thus making nutrients available for a longer period in the soil,’’ Adamolekun said.

He urged farmers to take the advantage of the increasing cattle grazing in the southern part of the country by making use of their faeces as manure.

Adamolekun further called on Local Government Councils to take a cue from the Federal Government and prioritise promotion of agriculture through huge budgetary allocation to the sector.

According to him, a huge budgetary allocation to agriculture by all tiers of government in the country will enhance economic growth.

The former agriculture extension worker and a farmer urged governments at levels to stop paying lip service to agricultural development but to invest critically into the sector.

“Local government councils at the grassroots in particular have greater advantage in terms developing agriculture for the purpose of improving their Internally Generated Revenue,’’ Adamolekun said. (NAN)

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