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Akpabio has taken rubber-stamping to pro-max level, he wears a cap with Tinubu’s logo- Maxi Okwu


ABUJA- Former national chairman of the All-Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) and public affairs commentator, Maxi Okwu, shared his thoughts following reports that federal lawmakers in the Senate were receiving allowances for their holiday.

According to Reports, Maxi Okwu expressed his concerns about the reported situation, stating, “This is a clear example of the deep-seated corruption and illicit activities that persist. We believed we had witnessed the extent of these issues with the Ahmed Lawan-led Ninth National Assembly, but it is now foreseeable that the Akpabio-led 10th National Assembly will surpass that.”

He continued, “The reason for this assertion is that, figuratively speaking, Akpabio has elevated rubber-stamping to an even more extreme level. He aligns himself closely with Tinubu’s interests. I’ve heard that during the ministerial nominees’ screening, a potential candidate faced potential rejection by the Senate. However, he abruptly adjourned the session and hastened to the Presidential Villa with an excessive convoy, which, quite frankly, is unnecessary. This situation is a catastrophic development.”

Okwu remarked, “While we believed we had witnessed challenging times during Buhari’s administration, the current circumstances have proven to be even more distressing. We have moved from a difficult situation to an even worse one. The ruling APC seems to be comfortable with individuals of questionable integrity.”

He continued, “This is because, as it is said in layman’s language, Akpabio has taken rubber-stamping to Pro-Max level. He wears a cap with Tinubu’s logo. I understand that during the screening of the ministerial nominees, a candidate was on the verge of being rejected by the Senate when he quickly adjourned and rushed to the Presidential Villa with his large convoy, which is unnecessary anyway, to seek guidance or instruction, that is a disaster”.

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