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Akpabio: Hitler for Metaphor? By Jimanze Ego-Alowes


ABUJA (Sundiata Post) Those who know, tell me that some mathematical conjectures take hundreds of years to prove. But to conjecture that a great deal of politicians are commoners who made high office is a different kettle of fish. It may take less than a week, metaphorically speaking. In any earlier post we wrote:

And matters get worse when these self-contradictory and illogical men are on their own. Just as we have seen the two in issue, it is now clear they are men of common straw. Neither Akpabio nor Oshiomhole is worth his weight in clear thinking, or the reputation they bear.

And it didn’t take Akpabio an eternity to prove the conjecture of his ordinariness right. How? He chose Hitler of all persons as a model to copy. Now, Hitler is a thug. And all his life he lived and acted as one. That is even while he was the Chancellor, Hitler, remained a thug, a roguish lout.

Even Hiter’s invasion of Poland which Akpabio relates to, was against international lore and norm and worse against civilized order and guarantees Hitler gave. Is this man, mad and a sadist, a roguish and a tout that Akpabio has chosen his hero in life and in strategy? Only in Nigeria. Ahiazuwa.

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