Al-Makura vows to prosecute Ombatse militia, sponsors

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LAFIA – Gov. Umaru Al-Makura of Nasarawa promised ensure prosecution of members of Ombatse militia and their sponsors over killings of innocent of lives and destruction of property in the .
Al-Makura, stated this in Lafia while briefing newsmen, promised not relent until justice done.
“We will go logical conclusion in bringing culprits book.
“We will go right process and make sure whoever is involved, even if you have immunity, we will wait for period of immunity to expire and then, we will back to you.”
According to him, dropping name will not help them because his administration is passionate about bringing to book people have given the entire citizens of this sleepless night.
The said that the most challenging thing before him how to deal with ”these criminals.
“How I stand up to Ombatse is biggest challenge and no matter how they run, no matter how highly placed is their , I most bring them to book”.
“If that is the only thing I will do, I will do it so that I can give people some kind of sense of peace, sense of and sense of security.
“If these people are thinking they are going to destabilise me or unsettle me by this sporadic criminal activities, attacking innocent people, innocent tribes, will weaken nerves, that will my nerve.
“I am here first and foremost as to ensure that every citizen of this state is protected; that is my most important responsibility.” (NAN)