Alaba traders endorse AD Governorship candidate for 2019 election.

By Folasade Adeniran

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Lagos – The Association of Nigerian Traders at the Alaba International Market, Ojo, has endorsed the Governorship candidate of the Alliance for Democracy(AD), Chief Owolabi Salis, as the next governor of the state.

The association gave its endorsement while hosting the governorship candidate on Thursday in Lagos.

Its Vice-Chairman, Mr Amadoye Nnamdi, said the traders had agreed to support Salis by giving him their votes in the forthcoming election.

Nnamdi said: “Salis has visited us to share his ambition for Lagos State and assured us that by the time he gets to the position, he is going to remember us in his plan.

“This is the reason why we are so much interested in him, and again, because he has no God-father.

“By the time he becomes governor, he is going to be making decisions that will be of advantage to the masses, nobody is going to tell him what to do.

“He has also told us that nobody is compelling him to contest and we believe that when he gets there, there will be no one to influence him wrongly.

“We have also told him to be and remain a man of his words when he gets there so that he will be of great advantage to the masses and that is why we want to give him the opportunity.”

The vice-chairman of the market also expressed worry over the issue of god-fatherism in the country, saying that “it is a development that will not take the country anywhere”.

It is better we deal with this problem of god-fatherism in the country because once politicians know that it all depends on the people to bring them to power, they will always fulfill the numerous promises they make during election campaigns.

“Sometimes, I wonder if there is a kind of devil that enters into aspirants and makes them forget their promises once they get to that seat but I pray that Salis will not be like that when he gets there.

“In as much as he has come to this place to speak to us, Alaba International Market will support him, we will give him our votes and by the special grace of God he is going to win,” he said.

On how he will transform Alaba Market, Salis said one of the reasons why he visited the international market was to know their demands and what they expect from him when he becomes the governor.

He said: “I have travelled to different countries, including China and the popular electronic market there. I know that the Igbos are very industrious and I will also want them to look into practical education and that is where we are going to come in.

“Nigerians have the skills, it is just that we are not getting the right exposure, so, we are going to be investing more in “made in Nigeria products.”

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