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All stars women’s tournament needs public support for talent hunt —Official


LAGOS – The Amalgamation of Nigerian Female Coaches (ANFC), the organisers of the 15th All Stars[pro_ad_display_adzone id=”10″] Women’s tournament, on Friday appealed for public support for talent hunt through the competition.
The spokesperson, Michael Ayoka , told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos, that the [pro_ad_display_adzone id=”10″]tournament needed public goodwill that would make the talents discovered to represent the best in their categories.
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“We have a lot of complains concerning what we are doing every year here. I will start from the people [pro_ad_display_adzone id=”10″]that have been helping us.
“This year, we call the stakeholders in Nigeria to try to help these girls.
“This is where we get our girls to the national team, for club sides, this is where we come to pick them to all these places.
“Even Chinese embassy is there helping us, Swiss Embassy is there helping us.
“But from all these stakeholders in Nigeria, nothing, nothing and this is a Nigerian affair; these are Nigerian girls, upcoming ones.’’
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Ayoka appealed to stakeholders to give same priority accorded to male football to their female counterparts.
“If this competition that started 15 year ago was for men, I know the turnout of support would be a[pro_ad_display_adzone id=”8″]
different thing.
“Stakeholders should also support the girls to bring about equal growth.’’ (NAN)

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