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Ambode’s Strategic Blunder Against Sanwo-Olu, By Moses Ochonu


It’s not the press conference that’s a blunder. That’s understandable, given the political headwinds Governor Ambode is contending with. He could have simply used the presser to make his case for a second term. The strategic blunder is the personal attacks hauled at his rival for the APC ticket, Jide Sanwo-Olu, Tinubu’s new stooge. The attacks turned Ambode from victim to villain in the eyes of many. He was enjoying a lot of sympathy (deserved or not) as the victim of TInubu’s imperial overreach until he decided to go personal against Mr. Sanwo-Olu. Suddenly, the mantle of political victimhood seems to have shifted to Mr. Sanwo-Olu. And you can see from Mr. Sanwo-Olu’s press release, he is milking it for maximum political mileage.

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