‘America Is Not Our Enemy’ Chant As Massive Protest Rock Iran, Citizens Want Khamenei Ayotallah Out

Whatapp News

Less than a week after a faceoff with the and a well-attended procession for the eliminated General Soleimani, Iranians have taken to various cities across the country, calling for the resignation of the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei.

The ongoing which is currently trending on social media, has students and youth across the country chanting “Death to Dictator” “Khamenei leave our country” “Our enemy is right here; They lie when they say it’s the US”

The protest which was instigated by the final admission of the Iranian government that it mistakenly shot down the Ukrainian Plane where 179 passengers died immediately, has now resorted into an uprising against the Ayatollah regime.

The protesters are destroying the pictures and posters of eliminated General Soleimani while pro-government forces are shooting canisters against the protesters.