American Firm Under Fire For Accusing Nigerians Of Fraud

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Jenna Bourgeois
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On Thursday, Bourgeois announced that the company operating in the United States, Canada, and Nigeria, had halted its operations in Africa’s most populous nation over alleged fraudulent practices by its employees and contractors. See American Firm Shuts Down After Accusing Staff Of Extortion In Nigeria

Announcing the development on LinkedIn, Bourgeois directed “customers who wish to outsource, are well advised to seek an India-owned company for the best results”

“While we kept giving Nigerians a chance to gain skills and employment, we cannot run a company when we can’t trust the people who work for us,” Bourgeois wrote.

“It is a kick in our face that we spent so much time trying to give Nigerians the benefit of the doubt to have this happen.”

Some Nigerians, however, took to social media to share the experiences they have about the company.

Funmi Adewara, a LinkedIn user, described Bourgeois’s post as “irresponsible”, asking him to tender an unreserved apology to Nigerians.

“So irresponsible Jenna Bourgeois, MCAD,MCSD,MCSE,MCTS,MCITP,MCT, I live in the UK with many contractors breaching contracts, I don’t label the entire country fraudsters!!! You need to make a Public Apology to Nigeria and Nigerians. And please make good your threat and L.E.A.V.E!!!,” she wrote.

Another user, George Mma, accused the company of exploiting its contract workers.

“From what I gathered, you contract people to pay them on finished codes, so you can get as many free codes submitted to you while programmer work for nothing. That is not a way to work, that is flat out exploitation. You are pulling out of Nigeria because of your ‘bad experience’ that puts to question mark to the kind of management team you have as many other companies are working in Nigeria. You also did a bit of advertising which shows your true intent and while at it you put the whole country down,” Mma wrote.

Ikechukwu Nnadi, on his part, called on security agencies to investigate Bourgeois claims “and if there is any tendency of blackmail over cheap popularity, he should be dealt with accordingly. These are some serious accusations here!”

Olúwatóbi Williams, another LinkedIn user, said he had an unpleasant experience with the company.

Williams said: “I had conversations with Jenna Bourgeois, MCAD,MCSD,MCSE,MCTS,MCITP,MCT regarding a Power BI project (available in an email thread). I don’t think he was ever looking to award any meaningful contracts as he was never specific with his requirements from the beginning. That said, I keep hearing the word “trust” but mostly it sounds like you want intellectual slavery. You want hardworking folks to follow you dumbly and do whatever they’re told because you deserve to be trusted? You can’t demand a lot from someone when really you’ve given nothing. You don’t deserve to be followed (not LinkedIn, I mean employees) for daft your daft generalisations and incompetence at being able to run a company properly.”

The agitations extended beyond LinkedIn to Twitter. Here are some reactions from Twitter.

Source: TheCable

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