American-led Coalition Military Charter Plane Lands Unexpectedly in Iran

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WASHINGTON — A plane chartered by an American-led military coalition that was flying Iranian airspace landed unexpectedly in Iran on Friday, but the Obama administration said it was a bureaucratic issue that should be settled soon and was not a larger political incident between two countries with a history hostility.

“This is nothing to get alarmed over,” said an administration official, who insisted on anonymity to discuss a delicate diplomatic situation. “This is a bureaucratic problem with the flight plan, and it’s going to be resolved shortly. This is not a political statement.” [eap_ad_1] The plane, a civilian Fly Dubai aircraft chartered by the International Security Assistance Force that operates in Afghanistan, was flying from Bagram Air Base north Kabul to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates when it was rerouted to the coastal Iranian city of Bandar Abbas.

American officials said it was not forced down by the Iranian military, but it is unclear whether it was escorted by Iranian warplanes.

“The issue appears to have been resolved,” an administration said late Friday afternoon, “and hopefully the plane be able to take off soon.” (NY Times)