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American Rapper, Cardi B Reveals She Misses Nigeria


After arriving back in the United States, Award-winning rapper, Cardi B has shared series of posts via her Instastory about missing Nigeria.

The American rapper who had quite a big moment in Nigeria and Ghana after being hosted in the West African countries over the weekend, shared a photo of her adorned in colours of the Nigerian flag with the caption “Missing Nigeria”.

See Cardi’s post below;

Cardi B visited Africa’s most populous city Lagos and performed at the Livespot Festival held at the Eko Atlantic Energy City.

Cardi B who was given a new name in Nigeria as Chioma B wore the signature Nigerian green-white as she thrilled her fans in Lagos Saturday night.

Her colour choice at Livespot X Festival at Eko Atlantic further reinforced some of her positive views about Nigeria, that she has likened to her dad’s Dominican Republic.

Some commenters said the American rapper has demonstrated that she is proud of Nigeria, even more than some Nigerian singers. And what’s more, she and her dancers put up an electrifying performance.

The Livespot X Festival also held also in Accra, Ghana on 8 December, but the singer left a trail of controversies behind especially when she was a no-show for hours at a meet and greet event arranged by the organisers of Livespot X Festival.

The Grammy-winning singer, who is known for being blunt explained why she was absent at the event. She said she had stomach upset and that in any way, the programme was not in her contract.


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