——Archbishop Oche-Jacob preaches love, says Akunyili cannot be forgotten

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– Most Rev. Joseph Oche-Jacob, the Archbishop of Methodist Cathedral of Unity, , has urged Nigerians to love and show goodness to one another irrespective of religious beliefs to move the country forward.

Oche-Jacob made the appeal Sunday an interview with newsmen after a to conclude a three-day conference of the ’s 29th Lay President’s Council.

He said “we should by nature, exhibit what is called goodness, it is not religious, whether you are a Muslim or Christian or you have no religion at all.

“There is one natural attribute that God has deposited each one of us to make us relate well, fit well into the society and make the society good.

“If all Nigerians, Christians and will exhibit and demonstrate that goodness that God has planted us, moving forward will land us the promise land.”

The archbishop said that spite of the current security and other challenges facing the nation, Nigeria was moving forward.

“As long as God is in heaven controlling the affairs of men, we cannot be stagnant, men are always motion, the world is motion; we are moving forward.

“Moving forward is always constant, it is always perpetual but where we are moving to always matters,’’ he said.

Oche-Jacob said that other factors that determined the positive movement of man or society were belief of the and respect for a nation’s .

He called on political leaders at the various levels to govern according to the rule of law and respect the ’s fundamental rights for the well-being of society.

“There is no , whether or the constitutional that that we should do some of the things that we are doing.

“The corruption, hatred, assassination and that is ravaging everywhere, we should think of what the constitution concerning humanity and the rights of human beings.”

On the demise of Minister of Information, Mrs Dora Akunyili, the bishop described her as “a great and wonderful woman’’ had contributed to the growth of the nation.

“She contributed to the growth of this nation but death knows no greatness, it can fall on the down-trodden, the rich and the middle class.

“Dora does not belong to those we can forget easily, she has left a vacuum,’’ he said. (NAN)