Artist urges colleagues to use craft to communicate to society

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Lagos, – Jimmy Uche-Nwanne, a Nigerian fine-artist based in Germany, on Wednesday urged his colleagues to use their craft as a medium to communicate meaningful messages to the society.
Uche-Nwanne told the News Agency Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos by so doing such works would likely make a meaningful impact on the morals of the society.
“We should illustrate to communicate, issues that need to be upon and not sketch to impress.
“We should not go to extreme while working, we should influence with our style, highlight what needs to be done, highlight our culture, our arts for global consumption.
“To speak about what we could do and not do, and what we see around us that needs change; we have to teach and let people learn from .
“Arts have different techniques.
“We should not work with one style, we have varieties of medium open to us that we can use to communicate what should be done for change in the country,” he said.
The artist said that Nigerian arts and European arts are different.
“They push it to extreme, they use figurative works they do not want representatives. They want you to go to the next level.
“Different people work in different ways, some push it too far, they feel this is being creative.
“They have rights but I feel in ours we should incorporate things that are familiar to us, then we can use it to further explain or drive home our points,” he said.
Uche-Nwanne, however, said that he used his arts to speak to people or the society about what we are not getting right.

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“The things I choose to draw are the things that surround me and life itself. I try to use my art to talk about the things we do not really want to talk about.
“Girl-child education, which is very vital to every society, I advocate for it. People do not seem to take it seriously. They see it as if it is the way it should be.
“Jobs have to be created; we have a lot of people who can make it happen, for youths to be self reliant.
“Structures have to be in place for things to move in this country, in the country has to be addressed,” he said.
He said that was why he talked about “things that really affect `us’ as a nation, it might not be me, it might be somebody else.
“Whatever, I talked about, I believe other people can relate to it and connect as it affects them,” the artist said. (NAN)