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Artiste with physical disability seeks public support for talented singers


Lagos  –  Victor Baduana, an upcoming artiste with physical disability, has appealed to the public to support singers with special talent in their quest to succeed in their chosen career.

Baduana told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Monday at the Artistes Village in the National Theatre Complex in Lagos that persons with disability can be as talented as normal people.

The artiste, who is of Nigerian/Cameroonian parentage, said that his physical condition
was a major challenge to his ambition.

• Cue in audio 1 (Baduana)

“In this life, you cannot just say that this one cannot do this; this one cannot do because I know that I can do more than everyone.

“There is also something that I want to say. There are some guys, who laugh at me and say that I do not know how to sing but I know that one day I will be like you or all those ones who are laughing at me.’’


Meanwhile, Tary West, a movie director and writer, who discovered the budding talent, told NAN that she was optimistic that Baduana has the potential to excel in his chosen career.


“Yes, he has got the voice and he can be worked on; it is a voice that is sellable; it is a voice that will bring in a whole lot for his producer, the sponsor; but he needs to be worked on.

“Even the songs I listened to – they are just two songs; his songs are inspirational; yes a good song writer could work on those songs and make the best of them.

“Right now he is not sure what kind of music he wants to play, ok? but I think the producer will do right with it him after listening to him.

“It is not a bad product and because he is a special person, I know that in our part of the world, a lot of people tend to look down on them; they never see them as anything good.

“Like anything good can never come out of Israel, so to speak; but the truth: I don’t mind soliciting for support to make this dream a reality.’’
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She urged people with special talent not to be discouraged by their situation but to believe they could achieve anything they set their mind on. (NAN)

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