As Leah Sharibu marks 18th birthday in captivity, another Boko Haram schoolgirl bags MBA in America

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Zion Umar

In a demonstration of the stark contrast between the evil ideology of the Haram terror group and the aspirations of modern young people, a Nigerian schoolgirl terror survivor, Zion Umar, is making history in a double masters degree as heroine hostage, turns 18.

Ironically , abducted by Haram/ISWAP in February 2018 is attaining the legal age of adulthood under Nigerian law in captivity.

This be her fourth birthday as a hostage since she taken at age 14.

However a schoolgirl survived Haram’s terrorism and is now in the US is graduating the day after Leah’s birthday in captivity a Masters degree.

Ms Zion Umar, arrived five years ago started from high school, quickly transitioned to community , graduated and enrolled in a postgraduate institution.

Zion Umar is graduating in Los Angeles, California on May 15, 2021 (today) her Masters in Business Administration (MBA), one of the most prized post graduate degrees in the US and a Masters.

International human , Emmanuel Ogebe, who sponsored Zion like his adoptive daughter rode on a motor bike for two hours in the rain to catch his flight back to to attend her graduation due to bad traffic jam in Nairobi, .

In a statement made available to Sundiata Post on Thursday, he said: “I arrived at Jomo Kenyatta Airport completely drenched but mercifully I didn’t miss my flight. I had to leave colleagues behind as I couldn’t miss this crowning achievement of this beloved young woman who embodies the talent, resilience, hard work and true grit Nigerians are renowned for. I can say I probably the only passenger who went to such extreme length to board that flight. I flew eight hours to Amsterdam, eight hours to Washington then six hours to Los Angeles. Zion is totally worth my traveling over 11 time zones in 48 hours.”

He continued, “I want to invite all Nigerians and all well-meaning people to attend the graduation virtually by going to the links .

Her father, who was killed in the deadly attack eight years ago today which she survived be watching from heaven and those of us on earth should be there for her too.

“We cannot bring Leah back but we can stand with the other Leahs of the genocide. We can’t war with arms but we can arm with education and war with self-improvement.

“Leah is still alive. Ironically while Zion earned a double Masters degree, Leah reportedly delivered two bouncing baby boys. God intervene on her behalf where the government has failed.”

The Master’s graduation ceremony for Zion Umar can be viewed at the following links:

May 15, 2021