Association says education for all is achievable

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Lagos, – Association of Formidable Educational Development (AFED) on Wednesday said that Education for All was achievable by 2020, if all children could be removed from the streets.

Mrs Ifejola Dada, the AFED President, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that given the right education, and putting all the children in , the Vision 2020 could be achieved.

According to her, government alone should not be saddled with the responsibility of providing free education.

“AFED is for children left behind, whose parents cannot provide adequately for them due to limited income.

“If we do not help out, these children will be problematic in the future.

“That is AFED is helping to provide a qualitative private education at next to no profit,’’ she said.

Dada said that when other private school associations were having their rest, either at home or abroad, AFED was busy working.

She said that the association, which is for schools undergoing approval, helps to keep children out of the streets, due to the low or next to nothing fees charged.

The educationist said that AFED was the appropriate way to eradicate illiteracy in Nigeria because if the children were left on their own, they would be the country’s problems in the future.

“Illiteracy must be eradicated in Nigeria; is because of illiteracy that our leaders are behaving the way they are behaving. There are some educated illiterates among our leaders.

“When we take these children from the grassroots and take them to a higher level, they will be ready to do their best.

“They will be ready to go to vocational schools, have good life and further their education to university level– and everybody will be happy,” she said. (NAN)