Attacking foreigners will not South Africa’s problems—Durban Mayor

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Cape Town – Durban Mayor, James Nxumalo, on condemned the attack on the foreigners, saying attacking foreigners was not going solve the country’s problems.

He spoke in Cape Town at rally against xenophobia organised by the International Peace Youth Group, an NGO.

“Local involved in xenophobia attacks blame foreigners for taking up local employment, doing illegal business and even committing crimes.

“These foreigners are our brothers and sisters. We have the same blood. Blood is thicker than water. Go out into your communities and urge people to stop these attacks,” he said.

The group said the rally was organised to show solidarity foreigners attack in the latest spate of violence that swept several townships around Durban, KwaZulu-Natal Province.[pro_ad_display_adzone id=”10″]

Many Africans came other provinces to join the march at the Durban City Hall.

Durban has been a hotspot of xenophobia violence that erupted on March 25.

Five people were and dozens of others injured in the violence. Hundreds of foreign-owned shops and homes have been looted and thousands of foreigners displaced.

The violence spread to Johannesburg on Wednesday where locals and foreigners clashed, leaving several people injured.

Foreigners under attack are mostly from Nigeria, Somalia, Malawi, Ethiopia and Zimbabwe. (Xinhua/NAN)