Auditor General office in Adamawa is underfunded – lawmaker

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YOLA – A lawmaker Adamawa, Mr Wafarninyi Theman, has accused the deliberately under funding the Auditor General frustrate functioning properly.
Theman (PDP-Hong), the House Committee Public Account, made the allegation at the Tuesday plenary of the House Yola.
He made the allegation while interrogating the Commissioner of Finance, Alhaji Ibrahim Vokna, who was summoned the plenary.
“You are deliberately under funding the of the Auditor General such that your account cannot be audited.
“This House () has ceased receive audited report of the state for many years.
fact, the least recipient of allocations this state is the Auditor General   and followed by the House of .
“You have deprived the Auditor General Office to the point that cannot even buy stationery”, Theman said.
He also alleged that the was also killing the state planning commission.
The lawmaker described the state response to a recent effort by the House to improve local revenue as “unbecoming and frustrating”.
Responding to the allegations, the state Commissioner of Finance, Alhaji Ibrahim Vokna, said department or agency was marginalised or depraved of funding by the .
“If you say the official in planning commission is not doing his job, is not the responsibility of of finance to make him do it.
“My did not kill planning commission,” Vokna said.
The commissioner also insisted that government had been funding the Auditor General Office, while the Office of Accountant General had been presenting yearly financial reports to the auditor general as at when due.
“Even that (financial report) of 2013 financial year has been approved by the auditor general,” Vokna told the lawmakers. (NAN)